2012 Liquid Force NRG Light Breeze Kite

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The Liquid Force NRG Light Breeze allows you to take advantage of lighter wind conditions. The kite is available in 14m and 16m and will have you soaring upwind in the 10mph - 15mph conditions. Check out the description, video and reviews below for more information.

Save up to an additional $125 off any size Liquid Force NRG by trading in your used kite and/or bar (in any condition).

To make it easy for you - we will send a free prepaid return shipping label with your order so that you can send us your trade in.

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Liquid Force


The NRG Light Breeze is a lightwind specific kite from Liquid Force. This kite is a scaled up version of the Liquid Force NRG and comes in either 14m or 16m.

Who is it for? Anyone looking to add a light wind kite to their quiver. This kite is really stable in the air and goes upwind like nothing else and this makes a huge difference when going kiteboarding in light breezes.

How is it different to the NRG? The NRG Light Breeze is actually more than just a bigger size of the NRG. Specifically designed to handle difficult light conditions, this kite will likely have you cruising upwind while your friends are stuck on the beach.

What conditions can I realistically get going in? We have had good success with the 14m when our wind meter reads: 11-12mph. This is for a 170lb rider on a large board.

What is the bar like? The Liquid Force CPR bar is tried and tested. We really like the clean depower system and comfortable grip. Click here to read more about the CPR bar. The CPR bar for the lightbreeze is 55cm long and comes with 23m lines and 7m line extensions.

We Really Like: The max flow system makes a huge difference when inflating these really big kites which we love. Also, riding upwind on these kites is amazingly easy because the kite sits on the edge of the wind window when riding. We also really like have the 7m line extensions which makes the wind window so big that this kite generates its own wind!

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Review by Pete

Pros: The Light Breeze will get you going in really light conditions. Better than this, you can actually ride properly in those conditions (jump, ride upwind, do tricks, ride waves etc.). This is because the kite goes upwind so well and has such great pull.
We understand that this kite seems too good to be true but there is no catch - the performance is superb and the build quality is second to none.

Cons This kite requires a little bit of experience to relaunch effectively. However, with some experience and practice, you will easily be able to relaunch it and the performance of the kite will far outweigh the relaunch aspects.

REAL Pro Tip: The line extensions for this kite are supplied with the bar (rather than the kite). It is definitely worth flying these kites with the line extensions to take full advantage of the light wind performance.

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