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The 2012 LF Envy has silky smooth power output with rock solid stability. Don't be tricked by the ease of use of the Envy, this kite rules for wakestyle and wave riding too.

*Now available in a limited color way with larger bag. (see images)

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Liquid Force


2012 ENVY Sizes: 5m / 7m / 9m / 12m / 15m
2012 CPR Bar: 45, 50, and 55cm w/ 23m Lines

Liquid Force NRG Tech Specs:
Bar size recommendations:
- 6m & 8m = 45cm control bar
- 10m = 50cm control bar
- 12m = 55cm control bar

The 2012 Liquid Envy is a very smooth and light weight performer. The 3 strut design with the pulley on the wing tip give this kite an effortless feel. You maintain enough bar pressure to know where your kite is in the wind window, but the power output is just silky smooth.

The Envy has more arc in the canopy and a full wing tip that offer you unmatched stability for down the line wave riding as well as unhooked wake style tricks. The full wing tip also lends itself to having very consistent power through the turns.

The jumping and wind range have been improved on the 2012 Envy as well. Just like everything else on the Envy the arc of your jump is easy up and easy down. Don't be fooled by the quality of performance characteristics of the Envy. What makes this kite a favorite amongst the LF team also makes it the right choice for most beginners on the market. If you want a no bull shit kite that you can forget about and go kiteboarding, the Envy is the choice.

The 2012 CPR Control Bar has gone through a series of make overs to make the rider experience as safe as you can get as well as having a really plush ride. The internals of the CPR bar remain the same with the same below bar depower, below bar flagging safety line, sliding stopper ball, and center line swivel.

The big improvements have come in the form of a new grip on the bar and new integrated bar ends and floats. The grip is ultra plush on your hands. If you work in an office for a living, you will love this bar. It has a very soft grip and on the back side of the bar, there is a raised soft finger ridge to give you grip with out tearing up your fingers. The bar end float is all moulded soft foam that has elastic bands to hold the lines on the bar end.

The 2012 CPR bar comes in three sizes 45cm, 50cm, and 55cm and has unmatched safety, a very long depower ranger and a look and feel that is second to none.

All kite complete LF Envy come with the Max Flow system and Super Shaft Pump. This is a great way to save your back, pump less and ride more.


Where is the Havoc?
All of the good things about the Havoc have been absorbed into a lighter faster more well rounded version called the Envy. The two kites came pretty close together in 2011, and for 2012 they just tuned up the Envy to make it faster and jump better while being lighter than the Havoc, so there was not a need for the Havoc in the line any more. If you loved the Havoc and don't want to move away from that kite, buy yourself a quiver of 2012 Envy and you will have the ride and feeling you are used to while being pleasantly surprised by the light weight feel of the 3 strut design.

*Please email any color requests to Info@REALwatersports.com and include your Order #.

Customer Reviews

  1. Love these kites.

    by Trey Bishop on September 14, 2012

    I freaking love the Envy's. Best kite ever. Ultra smooth.
  2. Thing of Envy... More Like Old Faithful!

    by Tube (Toby Diggens) on August 24, 2012

    You should apparently be envious of everyone you see riding these. That is what Liquid Force would have you believe. I am not sure I agree with this, but certainly this kite is a solid performer that will be a steady & reliable performer in the flatwater and waves.

    One thing the kite has in abundance in every size is power and this is good for two reasons. Firstly, beginners can park the kite deep in the window and get tugged along happily without too much steering input. Secondly, in the waves this is an attribute that leaves the rider able to focus on wave riding and not where the kite is heading.

    You have to mention the relaunch with the Envys and I think that the relaunch keeps improving. The larger sizes especially this year come off the water nicely and again instill confidence in the unseasoned rider. If it comes down to a single decision for beginners, relaunch is key and something that needs careful thought when buying your first kite. The Envy ticks this box very well!

    Dislikes on the kite are the following. I do not like how slow the kite is compared to other freeride/wave kites on the market and it does not respond super fast to input., this can be great for beginners however. Similaly the overall grunt does mean that the kite can feel overpowered quite quickly when the wind picks up.

    This kite is an ideal beginner product. It is steady, reliable and the relaunch is easy. Flat water freestylers will like the way the kite sits deep and keeps pulling, wave guys will like the reliability. Like the famous Yellowstone geyser this kite will be your Old Faithful whatever the weather!

    Tubes tuning tip: Use the 50cm bar for the smaller kites (7&9) to get faster turning if you are buying this kite for the waves.
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