2012 Best TS & Best Armada Complete Package

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Power, Stability and Performance is what you will get from the Best TS kiteboarding kite.

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Best TS Complete Kiteboarding Gear Package Includes:
• 2012 Best TS Kite
• Liquid Force CPR Control Bar
• Kite Leash
• Pump
• 2011 Best Armada 137cm w/ Pads, Straps, Fins and Handle
• Optional 2013 Dakine Renegade (Color May Vary)

What we like about the Best TS:
The Best TS is the upgraded 2012 version of the 2011 Best Taboo. They took everything that we liked about the Taboo, added a lot of power and kite stability and turned this kite into a user friendly high performance kiteboarding kite. This is a sick kite for the intermediate to advanced kiteboarder.

When you get your first ride on the TS you smile. It turns fast, pulls hard, goes up wind and boosts to the moon. It is really fun in the waves, and we were surprised how good the water relaunch is. Even the 17m relaunches in light breeze which was a shock to the REAL Coaches.

The TS has a new updated marterial, construction and one pump system that will make this kite take abuse and last you a long time. Best has made huge improvements in their construction to compete at the top level with out all the marketing hype and cost.

What we don't like:
We have heard feedback that the TS needs to be really well inflated to get the best performance out of it. If you try to take a short cut and go out without putting enough air in the kite you may find that the kite doesn't hold it's structure when under heavy load (kite loops etc...). Don't worry though, so long as you inflate it properly - you're in for some amazing sessions!

Why you want the Best TS:
REAL 100% supports the Best TS as a kite that most ride once and love. You will be stoked with the performance and reliability of this kite.

Why the CPR bar?
The 2012 Liquid Force CPR bar is the REAL coaches' favorite for the TS. It is designed to work perfectly with the TS out of the box and provides awesome reliability, safety and performance. After extensive testing, the vast majority of the REAL team preferred using the 45cm length with the 8m, 9m and 10m TS.

*Please email any color requests to Info@REALwatersports.com and include your Order #.

REAL Pro Review by Pete Hardie:

I flew the 8, 9 and 10m in a wide range of conditions and was extremely impressed. I rode the kite in both the waves and for freestyle / big air. Because the kite feels really direct and fast, I found that it was an excellent companion for these sessions. Hands down the best thing about the TS is its versatility - I didn't need to switch kites when moving from the waves to the slick and even found the 8m at home in 30+ mph on a boost off!

REAL Pro Tip: The TS likes to be flown really well inflated. Make sure you pump it up until it's nice and firm before heading out on the water.

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