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Entry Level New School and Freeride
Grip Tip Channels for added bite
Wood Flex core for softer landings

You’ve just finished your lessons, and you already have your first Best kite, now you just need to choose the perfect board to help you maximize your progress. It has to be easy to ride, durable, and it has to look great as well. The Spark V3 range has everything you desire.

With three different size models in the Spark range, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your size, weight, and skill level. Flex patterns for each board size are adjusted to compensate for rider weight. The Spark’s proven tri-axial glass lay-up; improved Wood-flex core and channel release tips provide forgiving handling, great performance and maximum versatility.

The Spark V3 is the perfect freeride board for riders who value quality and performance. With our Wood Flex Core, channel release tips and tri-axial layup there’s no better board to help you maximize your progress.

Priced lower than you would expect for a board with such a high-spec, it’s the perfect board for any beginner or intermediate rider. Designed with progress in mind, we are sure you’ll still love your Spark long after you have completed your first season.

*Includes Basic Footstraps & Pads, Grab Handle, Fins

Customer Reviews

  1. Now my sessions are more fun

    by Kyle Melendez on June 23, 2012

    I had been Riding a board for as my go to board and was getting to the point wear I wasn't having much fun because it was to big (161cm). And I was talking to a few of the guys and the were suggesting the spark. Priced well and was probably more what I was looking for. This thing is Awsome. It makes going the white water chop so such easier with its flex. The added channels create almost a hull for this thing. Ecause it goes up wind really easily. This thing is fun to jump and boost with and the landing are great. The only thing I don't like is the straps I have big feet and they kind of pinch my feet but I am riding it with boots now. This board is lots of fun and I can't saying thing else bad about the setup.

    Get one!
  2. Super Fun Board

    by Sabo on January 23, 2012

    A great all around board targeted mostly for beginners to intermediates. The channeling on the bottom really helps you lock in an edge, combined with a nice flex pattern, the board just feels smooth on the water. The effective rocker created by the channeling makes the board super easy to spin around as well, so not only can you lock in an edge, you can easily slip and slide this board around in transitions. For a board aimed at beginners, it also has a solid amount of pop! I even through some boots on this board and had a fun wake style session! Beginners who are looking for a board that will help them learn the basics and then take them to the next level should definitely check this one out. Not to mention the graphics are sweet!
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